Executive Board

We are a student run organization comprised of dedicated individuals that constantly work to provide the ERAU community with top of the line entertainment.

Touch-N-Go Productions is lead by a Chairperson and the remaining seven Executive Board officers each specialize in an area of expertise including member relations, promotions, hospitality, productions, security, administrative and budget.

Michael Zidek- Chairperson


 Office Hours

Monday: 12-1 PM & 2-3 PM
Tuesday: N/A
Wednesday: 12-1 PM & 2-3 PM
Thursday: 2-4 PM
Friday: 12-1 PM & 2-3 PM
My name is Michael Zidek, and I am currently a commercial pilot working on my instructor’s license in the Cessna 172. My dream is to travel the world as an airline pilot. I consider myself to be from Butler, Pennsylvania which is about a 45 minute drive north of Pittsburgh; however, I was born in Clearwater, Florida. I have a younger brother and two parents back home that I miss a lot.

I did a lot of traveling when I was younger and fell in love with it. When I flew out to California for a backpacking trip in eighth grade, I realized that a pilot would be a pretty cool profession. I researched becoming a pilot online, discovered Embry-Riddle, and have been hooked ever since. I came to Riddle for the world-renowned flight training program and have loved every minute of it. I am currently an instrument-rated commercial pilot working on my multi-commercial in the Diamond. Touch-N-Go Productions has been one of the best things that has happened to me at college so far, and I am truly honored to serve the organization as the Chairperson. I have met a lot of great friends and cannot wait to meet many more. This spring marks my 6th semester with the organization.

I enjoy skiing, swimming, the sun, and spending time with friends and family. Back home, I am a Swing Manager at McDonald’s. In high school, I was very involved in Boy Scouts, Ski Club, and BTTV, our school’s television broadcast program. I cannot wait for another successful year at Embry-Riddle and with Touch-N-Go Productions.

Ben Caples – Vice Chairperson

 Office Hours

Monday: 9-10 AM
Tuesday: 8:30-9:30 AM
Wednesday: 9-10 AM
Thursday: 8:30-9:30 AM
Friday: 9-10 AM
My name is Ben Caples and I am the Vice Chairperson of Touch-N-Go Productions. As Vice Chairperson, I am responsible for all of the member relations within TNG. This includes everything from keeping track of how many hours each member is at our events to planning our semesterly incentive. I am a Sophomore in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Space Studies. I have been fascinated with space travel for much of my life and cannot wait to some day work in that field. Besides TNG, I enjoy playing piano and reading. I am originally from a small rural town called Hampstead, Maryland, which is about an hour northwest of Baltimore. Coming to Daytona Beach was definitely a huge change for me, but I have really enjoyed it and really like living here. I love Embry-Riddle and have had, and continue to have, an amazing time learning more about my passions. TNG has helped me immensely in my transition and has truly given me a family that is here through everything.

Kaitlyn Pleinis – Promotions Coordinator


Office Hours

Monday: 8-9 AM & 2-3 PM
Tuesday: N/A
Wednesday: 8-9 AM & 2-3 PM
Thursday: N/A
Friday: 8-9 AM
My name is Kaitlyn Pleinis and I am the Promotions Coordinator for Touch-N-Go productions. I am from Bowie, Maryland, which is a relatively big suburb, so moving to Daytona for school wasn’t a huge change for me. Being the Promotions Coordinator I design the ads you see around school for the events that Touch-N-Go brings to campus. My job is to make students aware of the exciting and worthwhile events that are made especially for them. I am an undergraduate student working through my senior year here at Embry-Riddle. My favorite sports team is the Washington Capitals. I always look forward to seeing any hockey game possible but I especially love rocking the red with my home team. My degree of study is Mechanical Engineering. I have always had an interest in anything that had the possibility to be taken apart and put back together. Sometimes even correctly. I will be graduating with a track in High Performance vehicles and someday I hope to be a lead design engineer for a larger car manufacturing company. Joining Touch-N-Go productions has been the highlight of my first years here. Being around such talented people really helps me to set the bar high for my college career. Any of our events show our dedication to making the students happy, so come join us for the fun!

Abrielle Otero – Hospitality Coordinator

 Office Hours

Monday: 12-1 PM
Tuesday: 12-1 PM
Wednesday: 12-1 PM
Thursday: 12-1 PM
Friday: 12-1 PM

Hi everyone! My name is Abrielle Otero, but you can call me Abbey for short. I am a sophomore majoring in Human Factors Psychology here at Riddle. I grew up in Fort Lauderdale, FL which is about four hours south of Daytona and an hour north of Miami. I am definitely used to and in love with the hot weather we have here! Some of my favorite things to do include going to the beach, longboarding, painting, and exploring new places. I joined Touch-N-Go Productions the first semester of my sophomore year and absolutely loved it. Although it has only been a semester, the whole crew already feels like family to me. In the future I would either like to work for a government contractor designing the interior of airplanes, or even possibly join the military and see where that path takes me. Until then I’m living life one day at a time and loving every second of it!

Josh Ranum – Security Coordinator

 Office Hours

Monday: 1-2 PM
Tuesday: 1-2 PM
Wednesday: 1-2 PM
Thursday: 1-2 PM
Friday: 1-2 PM

I am Josh Ranum. I am a freshman with an Aerospace Engineering major and flight minor. I am from Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho. I am the current Security Coordinator for Touch-N-Go productions. I started flying in highschool and it is my passion which led me to Embry-Riddle. With the two degrees I hope to be able to work either for an airline as a commercial pilot or for a manufacturing company as a test pilot. I joined Touch-N-Go within the first month of being on campus. This will be my first semester as security coordinator and am very excited to work on the executive board and with the entire Touch-N-Go family.

Brandon Liden – Productions Manager


Office Hours

Monday: 11 AM – 12 PM
Tuesday: 11 AM – 12 PM
Wednesday: 11 AM – 12 PM
Thursday: 11 AM – 12 PM
Friday: 11 AM – 12 PM
My name is Brandon Liden and I am a junior at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University studying Air Traffic Management. I originate and reside in the northern suburbs of Chicago. I love the Chicago Cubs and the Blackhawks. I was very involved with the lighting crew and set construction at my high school and couldn’t give up the challenge of putting shows on. Working as a team to get a show done on time without any complaints is why I like this work. Before my freshman orientation was over I was already apart of TNG, and honestly fit right in. Currently, I am the productions manager which pretty much means I am responsible for making the show go on, so we all can say the show must go on during a Florida rainstorm. I want to be a FAA Controller and during sometime in my career get the chance to work at Chicago O’hare International Airport.

Blaine Sager – Budget Manager


Office Hours

Monday: 1-2 PM
Tuesday: 1-2 PM
Wednesday: 1-2 PM
Thursday: 1-2 PM
Friday: 1-2 PM
My name is Blaine Sager and I am the Budget Manager for Touch-N-Go Productions. I am a sophomore studying Aerospace Engineering here at Embry-Riddle and am following the aeronautics track. I am from Santa Clarita, CA, a city about an hour north of Los Angeles. Although the humid and flat environment of Florida is very different from the dry and mountainous environment of California, I have enjoyed the change.

I have been fascinated by flight all my life, and in high school I got involved in the hobby of building and flying radio controlled aircraft. This hobby helped me further discover my passions for flight and building, and I decided I wanted to major in Aerospace Engineering in college. I soon found out about Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and after touring it, I decided it was where I wanted to go for college. While in college, I also aspire to get my private pilot’s license and am currently learning to fly gliders with the Eagle Sport Aviation Club.

I joined Touch-N-Go Productions at the beginning of my freshman year and love the experiences I have had in this organization. Touch-N-Go has had a positive impact on my college experience and has helped me meet many people and make new friends. This is my first semester on the executive board and I am very excited to work as the new Budget Manager. I am looking forward to another great semester at Embry-Riddle and in Touch-N-Go Productions.

Steven Edwards – Administrative Coordinator

 Office Hours

Monday: 2-3 PM
Tuesday: N/A
Wednesday: 2-3 PM
Thursday: 10 AM -12 PM
Friday: 2-3 PM

My name is Steven Edwards, and I’m a senior majoring in Air Traffic Management. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and I’m not afraid to show my Texan pride! I’m a sucker for great barbecue and football games. I joined Touch-N-Go during my sophomore year and it has become a second family to me. Even though I had absolutely no background in production, TNG helped me learn everything there is to know for running a show. I love the feeling of putting on a successful show and the camaraderie that comes from working with such an amazing organization. My dream is to become an FAA controller and either return to Houston or work somewhere with amazing scenery.