Sound Crew

We are a student run organization comprised of dedicated individuals that constantly work to provide the ERAU community with top of the line entertainment.

We have our very own Sound Crew composed of three members from our Touch-N-Go family, who work with our talent to provide spectacular shows for the students.

Chris Oberle – Sound Engineer

Hi, My Name is Chris Oberle. I am currently a senior in the Mechanical Engineering program with a focus in high performance vehicles. I am from a small town called Macungie in Pennsylvania, which is about an hour north of Philadelphia. I have always had a fascination with building things and airplanes, so naturally I was drawn towards the engineering field, and once accepted at Riddle, never had second thoughts about attending. I joined Touch-N-Go my first week my freshman year and started to become heavily involved in the organization. As the sound engineer for Touch-N-Go I am responsible along with the rest of the sound crew for setting up, running and maintaining all the sound equipment. Other hobbies and clubs I participate in on campus are the Skydive Club, and the Airsoft Club. Upon graduation I will be commissioning in the United States Marine Corps and will be going to flight school in Pensacola with the goal of flying AH-1Z Cobras.

Robert Goring – Sound Technician

robert_profile (1) Hello! My name is Robert Goring. I am currently working towards my Masters in Computer and Electrical Engineering. I graduated from ERAU Spring 2015 with a degree in Computer Engineering. I am from Tavares FL, and have been a Florida resident my whole life. I am very active on campus. I am a member of the Robotics Association at Embry-Riddle, as well as a peer mentor for EGR 101. I am currently team lead of the RoboSub team, which competes in the AUVSI competition. I enjoy skiing, boating, hiking, scuba diving, as well as gaming. I am excited to be a sound technician. I have been an active member of Touch-N-Go since my sophomore semester. I look forward to all the exciting events that we will be putting on this semester.

Steven Rose – Sound Technician

Hi, my name is Steven Rose. I am currently a sophomore in the Aerospace Engineering program with a focus in Astronautics. I am from Reno, NV, and I have always loved airplanes and engineering, so attending Embry-Riddle was a no-brainer. I joined TNG my first week on campus and applied for Sound Technician the week after. Along with the other members of the Sound Crew I am responsible for setting up and running sound during any of Touch-N-Go’s events and co-sponsorships. On campus I am a part of the Embry-Riddle Future Space Explorers and Developers Club currently working on the Pathfinder project, and am also an Honors Student. I enjoy hiking, camping, computer programming, and video gaming. My dream job after graduation would be an aerospace engineer with SpaceX working towards putting humans on Mars.